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  • Contour® Evolving with you.

    Contour® Evolving with you.

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  • Pardon Our Dust

    Pardon Our Dust

    The building at 19th and Green Streets is well over 100 years old and needed some TLC. Both store-front windows are undergoing a renovation that will restore the grandeur to this beautiful building. Bobby and Jerry are working with the Spring Garden CDC and The Philadelphia Historical Commission to complete the work in accordance with the Commission’s standards. We plan for the renovations to be completed by the Spring of 2021 and look forward to many more years of serving the community with our restored look!

  • Pardon Our Dust Continued

    Pardon Our Dust Continued

    And while you’re admiring the new entrance and windows, look up to the 16 newly replaced mahogany windows on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the building. They too are certified by the Philadelphia Historical Commission! Thank you for your patience and understanding while we complete this project. “Before” and “After” photos will be posted when the project is completed.

  • Retail Pharmacy

    Retail Pharmacy

    We strive to help you reach your health and wellness goals

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Co-Owners, Jerry Volgraf RPh (left) and Bob Woltjen (right)

Meet Your Pharmacist

  • Jerry Volgraf, RPH graduated from Temple University School of Pharmacy and has been the owner of Fairmount Pharmacy since 1988.
  • Bobby Woltjen graduated fromSpring Garden College and has been co-owner of Fairmount Pharmacy since 1988.

They have dedicated the majority of their career serving patients in Philadelphia, PA.

Specialized Services:

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Fairmount Pharmacy is a mission-driven neighborhood drug store serving local residents and specialty care facilities throughout the Philadelphia area

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Managing Your medications Has Never Been Easier

  • Automated compliance packaging is now available!
  • Speak to our pharmacists to learn more.

Since 1988, Fairmount Pharmacy, an independent community pharmacy, has been serving the Art Museum Area of Philadelphia with award-winning pharmacy care. We offer convenient pharmacy hours, low cost prescriptions and free delivery. We accept most third party insurance including Medicaid, Medicare Part D, CVS Caremark and Express Scripts to name a few. Our experienced staff is available to assist you with all of your pharmacy needs. In addition to serving your prescription and over the counter needs, we offer a full line of diabetic supplies, greeting cards, PA lottery, utility payments, money orders, snacks and cold beverages. We look forward to serving you at Fairmount Pharmacy, your neighborhood drug store.

Fairmount Pharmacy Services has taken the tradition of a corner drug store and applied it to our specialty care clients. We understand the unique needs of our assisted living, residential, mental health, psychiatric, continuing and long-term care communities. Our location in the Art Museum area facilitates serving center city and the extended Philadelphia area. We offer 24 hour on-call emergency service, free delivery, as well as specialized unit dose and blister packaging. Our experienced staff looks forward to serving your unique needs.

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“We are committed to combining high-quality, efficient service with the expert care every client deserves. Fairmount Pharmacy Services provides advanced pharmaceutical care with the service of a neighborhood drug store.”

— Jerry Volgraf, RPh