Topic 1:

Pharmacy Accepts Nexafed.
A substitute for Sudafed, this new drug has been approved by the full article.

Sizes & Values

 Site Width - sets the width of the site content including canvas padding.

Page Description Width - controls the width of the page description when shown in the Page Banner area.

Canvas Padding - adjusts the amount of spacing around the inside edge of the canvas area.

Navigation Link Spacing - determine the amount of space set between each navigation link.

Header Padding - controls the amount of space below the navigation and site title in the header area.

Page Padding - sets the amount of space at the top (under banner area) and bottom of the page content.

Page Banner Height - determines the height of the page banner area holding the page thumbnail, title and description.

Footer Padding - controls the amount of space at the top of the footer area, below the top border.

Logo Height - sets the maximum height of the logo that is assigned to the site.

Social Icon Size - set the size of the (non-social-block) social icons. 

In Depth Guide

Our Customer Care team has created a very useful guide on Using the Dovetail Template if you'd like a more in-depth look.